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How to import and update font, colour and style settings

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There may be a situation where you would like to use the same visual settings from an existing Airsquare website for a new Airsquare website. This can be achieved by using the Import settings feature to import the visual settings from an existing site and apply them to a new site.

What are visual settings?

Your visual settings are the settings that create your site's appearance, these settings are divided into the following types:

  • Colours - These are the colours and colour gradients, see Colours.

  • Fonts - These are the fonts and the font styling, see Fonts.

  • Styles - These are the widths, paddings and radiuses, see Styles.

How do I import settings?

  1. Go to Website > Settings > Import.

  2. Enter an Airsquare site URL.

  3. Tick/un-tick Colours.

  4. Tick/un-tick Fonts.

  5. Tick/un-tick Styles.

  6. Click the Import button.

The settings will automatically be applied to your website once they have been imported.

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