The colour palettes in Airsquare are specific to each design theme; so anytime you change your website design template, you'll need to edit the colour palette again.

When you upload your logo to Airsquare, we automatically add some of your logo's colours into the colour options for you to choose from. Try to limit your website to 3-4 colours, using different shades of each. The website is great for getting different shades and tones.

How do I change the colours on my website?

  1. Go to Website > Settings > Colour.

  2. Have a look at our Sample palettes and click to choose one OR click on the coloured squares listed to adjust each colour: Then you can choose from the range of colours on the left hand side; colours that you've recently used for that particular website element will be stored there. Or you can click and drag on the little circle in the big gradient square to alter the colour; or simply enter the hex code of the colour you want to use.

  3. When you change a colour, it will immediately be shown in the website preview on the right-hand side of your screen.

  4. Once you've changed all your colours, or if you want to preview the actual website at any stage, click Update at the bottom of the screen to save.

If I change the website design, can I keep the colour changes I have made?

No - Each design has it's own colour settings; so if you change the theme, you will lose any colour changes that you have made. If you were using one of the pre-loaded palettes, it will be easy enough to restore the palette, but if you have added lots of your own colours, it will be more tricky to add them in again. So, it's a good idea to take note of any hex codes for colours that you've added yourself, before you change your design.

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