How do I edit the fonts on my Airsquare website

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For each design template, you can choose a different font for the text, headings, buttons, navigation etc. The fonts for each theme are different, though we have used some good core fonts in most themes.

How do I change the fonts on my website?

  1. Go to Website > Settings > Fonts. 

  2. Under Fonts, select which fonts you'd like for different parts of your site (i.e. Body copy, headings, site title, etc).

  3. You'll see each font change in the website preview on the right hand side.

  4. Click Update to save your changes.

What if I want a different font to those available?

We use Google Web Fonts, so if there is a particular Google web font that you'd like to use, we'll add it in for you (if we think it's a good addition to that design!). Just email us at with your request.

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