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How to apply custom colours to a page row.

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The colours used on your Airsquare site are defined in Website > Settings > Colours

where you can set the colours, transparency and gradient angles that are then applied to every page on your site. For example, if you set the colour for the row background to be blue then the background colour of the rows throughout your site would be blue.

This helps to keep the look and feel of your site consistent and avoids the inconvenience of you having to change colour settings multiple times. However there may be a situation where you would like to change a colour for a specific page row.

What colours can I change?

The colours that can be changed for a page row are:

  • Row > Border

  • Row > Background (primary)

  • Row > Background (secondery)

  • Row > Background gradient angle

  • Content > Heading 1

  • Content > Heading 2

  • Content > Heading 3

  • Content > Heading 4

  • Content > Paragraph

  • Content > Link

  • Content > Link hover

  • Content > Horizontal line

  • Content > Blockquote background

  • Content > Blockquote border

  • Form > Fieldset background

  • Form > Fieldset border

  • Form > Input background

  • Form > Input border

  • Form > Input text

  • Form > Input focus border

  • Button > Background (primary)

  • Button > Background (secondary)

  • Button > Background gradient angle

  • Button > Text

  • Button > Border

  • Button > Hover text

  • Button > Hover background

  • Button > Hover text

Other colours such as the header and footer can not be changed as these are not part of a page row.

How do I adjust a page row colour?

When you change your row colours, the new colours will immediately be displayed in the website preview on the right-hand side of your screen.

  1. Go to Website > Pages.

  2. Find the page that you are looking for and click on it.

  3. Click the Content tab under the page title.

  4. Find the row that you are looking for and click Colours in the drop-down menu under More in the Options column.

  5. Find the section you are looking for and click the small triangle to the right of the heading to expand the section.

  6. Find the colour that you would like to adjust and click on it to open a colour palate.

  7. Click and drag on the little circle in the big gradient square to alter the colour or enter the RGB code of the colour you want to use.

  8. Click the Choose button.

  9. Click the Update button.

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