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The POS provides settings that can help you to customize the POS to best suit your business needs via the Settings page.

How do I find the Settings page?

  1. Click the menu icon (three horizontal lines) in the top left corner.

  2. Click Settings from the menu this will open the Settings Page.

Selecting a register

  1. Click Registers, this will open a dialog box displaying a list of the available registers.

  2. Select a register.

  3. Click the confirmation icon (tick) in the top right, this will set the register

The POS will now use the new registers location and pricing tier. A location defines what currency and tax zone is used.

Adding, editing or deleting registers can be accomplished via the Airsquare admin area.

Setting up a Star Micronics receipt printer

If you are using the POS on iOS or Android, and have a Star Micronics receipt printer, we highly recommend you setup the receipt printer (rather than standard device printing) as it’ll print much quicker.

  1. Click Star Micronics receipt printer.

  2. Click Model and select the relevant printer model from the list of supported receipt printers.

  3. Under Port, click the search icon far right, it'll then start searching for printers available on your network or connected via Bluetooth. Once it appears, click on it and the Port field will be pre-filled for you.

  4. Click Paper width and select the relevant paper width for your receipt printer.

  5. Click the TEST PRINTER button to test your settings, if valid your printer will print a thumbs up icon otherwise you will receive an error message.

If an error message is displayed, recheck your settings before trying again.

A note about the SM-T300i printer, you must ensure it's running in StarPRNT emulation mode first. Here's how to change it.

Selecting a printer paper size

Changing the printer paper size adjusts the layout of receipts and tickets to best match your printer.

  1. Click Printer paper size.

  2. Select a paper size.

  3. Click the confirmation icon (tick) in the top right corner, this will set the paper size

Closing sub products after selection

A product with sub-products opens a sub-product modal when the product tile is clicked on the Sell page.

The setting 'Close sub product modal after selection' controls whether the modal will close after a sub-product has been clicked or whether the modal will stay open, allowing you to add more sub-products before closing the modal manually.

Simply click the toggle on the right to turn this setting on or off.

Display an alert to prevent overselling

If a product or a sub-product has stock control enabled then the setting 'Display alert when overselling' can be used to display an overselling alert in order to avoid any unintentional overselling of a product or sub-product.

Simply click the toggle on the right to turn this setting on or off.

Stock control can be added to products or sub-products via the Airsquare admin area.

Show a product SKU

If a product or a sub-product has a SKU then then the setting 'Show SKU' can be used to display the product or sub-products SKU wherever the product or sub-product is displayed.

Simply click the toggle on the right to turn this setting on or off.

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