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Airsquare uses a few different cookies in order to provide certain functionality on your site. Not sure what a cookie is? Read this guide.

In addition to these, 3rd parties, like Google and Facebook, also set cookies to provide their functionality.

Privacy laws in many countries (e.g. GDPR) now require you to ask for consent before setting these cookies as they can be used to track and identify users around the web.

By enabling the cookie consent bar, you can ask users to opt-in to the use of these cookies. We (and the law) believe consent must be given, not assumed, so visitors must opt-in.

We offer two mechanisms to the user, they can either choose to accept all cookie types, or choose which ones they'll allow.

Once they've consented, the cookie consent bar is hidden.

  • Necessary

  • Preferences

  • Analytics

  • Marketing

Yes and no. Certain cookies are considered functional and absolutely necessary in order to make the website work. These are always set.

Other cookies (preferences, analytics, marketing) must be opted-in to. If they aren't, things that require them, like 3rd party plugins, won't work. This includes the first time they visit the site.

  • CFID / CFTOKEN - Used to manage the users session (allows them to use the shopping cart, login, etc). This is 'necessary' and always set.

  • WEBSITE_NOTIFICATION_BAR_CLOSED_TIMESTAMP - Used to determine when the notification bar was closed, so it doesn't show again, unless the notification is updated again. Requires 'preferences' consent.

  • WEBSITE_ORIGINAL_REFERRER - Used to determine where the user originally came from. Requires 'analytics' consent.

  • WEBSITE_AFFILIATE_NAME - Used to determine which affiliate the user came from. Requires 'marketing' consent.

  • WEBSITE_USERNAME - Used to store the username if they've chosen to remember it. Requires 'preferences' consent.

  • WEBSITE_PASSWORD - Used to store the password (encrypted) if they've chosen to remember it. Requires 'preferences' consent.

  • WEBSITE_CART_ID - Used to store an anonymous reference to their cart, so when they come back to the website, items are still in their cart. Requires 'preferences' consent.

  • WEBSITE_COOKIE_CONSENT_SETTINGS - Used to store what type of cookies the user as opted-in to. Expires after 1 year.

  • Custom code - See "How do I apply cookie consent to custom code?" below.

  • Facebook page panel - Requires 'marketing' and 'analytics' consent.

  • Facebook pixel - Requires 'marketing' and 'analytics' consent.

  • Facebook video - Requires 'marketing' and 'analytics' consent.

  • Google analytics - Requires 'analytics' consent. Ad tracking is disabled if 'marketing' consent not given.

  • Google map - Requires 'marketing and 'analytics' consent. This is because Google passes all cookies that have been set in the last 6 months from any website. If you want Google Maps to always show (without using cookies), you need to connect Google Maps.

If you put custom code on your site, either through Website > Settings > Custom code or a custom code widget, you must apply cookie consent rules manually. 

You'll need to determine what cookies are being set by the 3rd party piece of code. 

Once you've figured that out you'll need to amend the <script> tags:

  • Change the type="text/javascript" to type="text/plain"

  • Add an attribute data-cookie-consent-required="marketing". You can replace "marketing" with the type of cookies set. If multiple types of cookie set, you can just separate with a space, e.g. "marketing analytics"

Here's what a custom script might look like before:

<script type="text/javascript" src="">

And here's what it would look like after:

<script type="text/plain" src="" data-cookie-consent-required="marketing analytics">

  1. Go to Website > Settings > Cookie consent bar.

  2. Change Enabled to Yes.

  3. Change the Text if required. We highly recommend you link to your privacy policy.

  4. Amend the colours to match your design. We've kept these separate from the main design colours.

  5. Click Update.

The cookie consent bar will now show at the bottom of the website.

They can go to /cookie-consent on your website to change their consent at anytime. We suggest you link to that from your privacy policy and/or cookie policy.

Note, we can only revoke cookies that we've set (Airsquare cookies). If they want to revoke 3rd Party cookies (e.g. Google, Facebook) they would need to clear their browser cookies manually. Every browser has the ability to do this, do a quick google to find out how for their browser.

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