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Google Maps is a web mapping service developed by Google.

Why connect my Google Maps account to Airsquare?

By connecting Google Maps:

  • You can use our Google map widget, this won't work unless you have Google Maps connected.

  • You can use our Google multiple-location map widget, this won't work unless you have Google Maps connected.

  • Maps elsewhere on your site (e.g. event listings, organisation listings) will use the embed method. Otherwise it'll just show a link to 'View on Google Maps'.

  • During checkout, we offer a "find address" box for shipping / billing addresses allowing customers to quickly find their address and reduce the amount of typing required.

How do I connect Google Maps to Airsquare?

First you must have a Google Maps API key (see below on how to get one). Once you have an API key:

  1. In Airsquare, go to Account > Connected apps.

  2. Next to Google Maps, click Connect.

  3. Enter your Google Maps API Key

  4. Click Connect.

How do I get a Google Maps API key?

See this guide on how to setup a Google Cloud Account with Google and get an API Key:

You'll need to ensure the following APIs are enabled for your project in Google Cloud Console.

  • Maps Javascript API

  • Geocoding API

  • Places API

The API key you create is what you put into Airsquare (see "How do I connect Google Maps to Airsquare" above).

Once you have got your API key, you must restrict it. See "How do I protect my Google Maps API Key?" below.

How do I protect my Google Maps API Key?

When using embedding Google Maps on your website your API key is visible to anyone if they look at the code (easy to do).

If you don't secure your API key, by restricting how it's used, any bad actor could use your key to access other Google services, and bill to your account.

Here's Google's help article on how to restrict API keys:

We strongly suggest you add the following restrictions to your API key.

Under Application restrictions, tick HTTP Referrers, and add these Website restrictions:

  • **

  • ** (replace with your domain name!)

Be sure to save your changes.

Will I be charged to use Google Maps?

Google offer a substantial free tier.

They also give you a substantial lump sum to start with.

Unless you have a very large amount of traffic it's unlikely you'd go over this free tier.

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