Cancelling orders
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You may want to cancel an order if the customer decided not to proceed.

By cancelling an order, rather than deleting it, you keep the order history.

You can't cancel order if you've received payment or fulfilled it. If you did receive payment, you need to refund the order instead.

How do I cancel an order?

In the admin area

  1. Go to Commerce > Orders.

  2. Find the order, then click View.

  3. Under More, click Cancel.

  4. If you have Xero connected, you can optionally choose to Void the Xero invoice.

  5. Click Cancel.

Do items get restocked when cancelling an order?

When cancelling an order, we automatically restock any products and delete any linked items that were created as part of the order (e.g. tickets, memberships, gift vouchers).

We ensure things aren't overstocked.

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