How do I refund an order?

  1. IMPORTANT: First refund the customer their money outside of Airsquare. Refunding in Airsquare doesn't automatically send them any funds back. If you're using a payment gateway (e.g. Stripe or PayPal), they will have a refund feature you can use.

  2. Go to Commerce > Orders.

  3. Next to the order, click View.

  4. Under More, click Refund. This option will only appear if the order is still refundable.

  5. Next to each item, choose the Quantity you want to refund, then click Next.

  6. A summary of the refund will be shown for you to review. 

  7. You can optionally choose to Return stock. Note tickets and memberships must be deleted manually.

  8. If you have Xero connected, you can optionally choose to Create a Xero credit note.

  9. Choose the Payment method you used to refund their money. See step 1, we don't do this for you, we merely record what happened.

  10. Click Refund.

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