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Product Troubleshooting
Product Troubleshooting

Check here if you're having problems adding products to your website

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Why can't I see the products I've added?

You've added a product, but it's not appearing? A product might not appear because:

  • It's un-published.

  • You've added a product which has variations, but you haven't added any sub products.

  • It's out of stock, and you've chosen 'Hide if there's no stock' under the stock control settings.

  • The publish date that you've set for the product hasn't been reached yet.

  • The expiry date that you've set for the product has passed.

Why can't I add a product to the cart?

In order to add a product to the cart:

  • The product must have a price.

  • The product must be available online.

  • If stock control is enabled for the product, the product must be in stock, or you must have enabled the customer to place an order even if there's no stock (you can enable this when you edit a product).

  • Make sure that 'Show add to cart button' is enabled in Website > Products > Settings.

  • If you've chosen to restrict price visibility, the current user must be part a permitted group. See Pricing Tiers.

How do I turn on/off stock control for a product?

You can choose to turn on stock control for any product. If enabled, we then track stock/inventory for the product. If something is sold, we deduct the stock accordingly. 

  1. Go Website > Products > select Products from the menu on the left.

  2. Click on the product and click Edit detail on the right.

  3. Scroll down to Stock Control and tick or untick Use stock control.

  4. Click Update at the bottom of the page.

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