How do I ship / fulfill an order?

  1. Go to Commerce > Orders.

  2. Next to the order, click on View.

  3. Click Ship / Fulfill.

  4. Optionally change the Shipped date, it defaults to the current date/time.

  5. Optionally select the Courier and enter the Courier tracking number.

  6. Optionally add a Note to the customer. This is shown to the customer in their "order shipped" email.

  7. You can optionally choose to Send an "order shipped" email to the customer. This will notify them that the item is en route to them.

  8. Optionally choose to Archive, this will archive the order and hide it from the order list (unless you search for it). 

  9. Click Ship / Fulfill.

Can I partially ship / fulfill an order?

Not currently. It's something we have on our roadmap.

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