Can an email campaign be sent to more than one person email list?

No. The content of an email campaign is directed at one person email list. When a person unsubscribes, they are choosing not to receive that type of content from you and will be removed from that specific list.

You can have as many email lists as you like. We recommend you use multiple lists for different content you send out (e.g. announcements, newsletters, etc). 

Once you've chosen an email list to send to, you can then filter to a specific group of people using email list filters.

Why do I need a privacy policy to send an email campaign?

Modern privacy laws require you to have a privacy policy in order to send our email marketing. If you don’t have a privacy policy, you're breaking the law. 

There's a great article here covering the topic and details things you need to include in your policy.

We can't provide a template for you to copy as we don't know what you do with a person's data once it's left our system or what other systems you're using do. 

Our privacy policy details out the information we store on your behalf within the Airsquare service which you use in your own policy.

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