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Turn off Chrome Memory Saver
Turn off Chrome Memory Saver
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Chrome has a 'memory saver' feature which can cause issues if you're using our browser based POS (
If the POS is inactive for a while, Chrome turns if off until you click on the tab again. This means any syncing is not happening in the background and when you come back to the POS it forces a full reload (meaning you have to wait till it's reloaded).
To mitigate this, you need to turn off Memory Saver for Luckily Chrome provides a way to do this just for a particular site.

Here's how to turn off Memory Saver for

1. Open up in Chrome

2. Click on the 3 dots icon (top right) in Chrome to open the menu, then click Settings (see screenshot below)

3. Then click on Performance. Under Memory, you'll see Memory Saver and a button to Add a site, click Add (see screenshot below)

4. You then need to tick, or manually add, Then click Add (see screenshot below)

5. You should then see in the list of sites to keep active (see screenshot below)

6. Close the Settings tab. Go back to the tab and refresh the tab to ensure it's reloaded and applied the settings.

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