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Using Stripe Terminal with Airsquare POS
Using Stripe Terminal with Airsquare POS
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What is Stripe Terminal?

Stripe Terminal allows you to accept in-person credit card payments using a Stripe supported card reader. You use it in-conjunction with the Airsquare POS to process in-store sales.

Airsquare POS talks to the reader so you don't need to enter the amount manually. This looks more professional, saves time and removes double entry errors.

By using Stripe to capture both in-store and online credit card payments, you can simplify your Xero reconciliation by setting up a Stripe bank feed.

Which countries does Stripe Terminal support?

Please note, New Zealand and Australia EFTPOS cards are currently not supported at this stage. Only credit cards can be processed. It's on their roadmap.

Does Stripe Terminal work with the browser version of Airsquare POS?

Yes it does! It works with all our supported POS platforms (any browser, iOS app, Android app).

Which Stripe Terminal readers do you support?

We only support the BBPOS WisePOS E. Don't buy any other Stripe Terminal reader, it won't work with our POS.

How do I purchase a Stripe Terminal reader?

  1. Login into your Stripe account.

  2. Click on Payments at the top, then click on Readers on the left.

  3. Under Hardware orders, click Shop on the right.

  4. Choose the BBPOS WisePOS E reader and add to cart. Optionally add the dock BBPOS WisePOS E Dock too for each charging.

  5. Proceed through the rest of the checkout process.

  6. Be patient and wait for your reader to arrive!

My reader has arrived! What next?

  1. Put in the battery (remove case on back, insert battery, put case back on).

  2. Turn it on.

  3. Connect to your Wifi network.

  4. Once connected, click Update to run updates for device.

  5. Choose Language.

  6. Choose Region.

  7. Register the reader (see below).

How do I register my Stripe Terminal reader?

Before you can connect to your reader in Airsquare POS you must first register it to a location:

  1. Login into your Stripe account.

  2. Click on Payments at the top, then click on Readers

  3. Under Locations, click New on the right (if you don't already have your chosen location setup).

  4. Fill in the location information and hit Save.

  5. Once added, click on your new location.

  6. Under Readers, click New on the right. Turn on your Stripe terminal reader (you've already charged and connected it to your Wifi right?). It'll show you a registration code made up of 3 random words. Put those in the form and give your reader a label (it can be anything you like)

Your reader will then register itself and apply updates before you can continue to connect it. The updates may take some time!

Our experience, when updates completed, we then had to reconnect to the WiFi under the settings on the device again. The default admin pin is 07139. If you're struggling to find settings or connect to your network, see Stripe's WisePOS E help doc.

How do I connect Stripe Terminal to Airsquare POS?

Once you've registered your Stripe Terminal reader to a location (see above), you can then connect it to Airsquare POS:

  1. First, make sure Stripe is connected to your Airsquare account. This is done in the admin area under Account > Connected Apps > Stripe. If you're already using Stripe for online payments then this step is already done.

  2. Turn on your Stripe Terminal reader.

  3. Fire up the Airsquare POS, and click the menu icon in the top left. Go to Settings.

  4. Click on Stripe Terminal reader.

  5. You'll see a list of all the readers you have, click Connect next to the reader you want to use.

  6. If successful the modal will close and it'll be connected!

Help! I'm unable to connect to the Stripe Terminal reader?!

Some easy things to check:

  1. Is the Stripe Terminal reader on? And does it show as ONLINE in Airsquare POS?

  2. Is it connected to the Wifi network?

  3. Is it connected to the same network as Airsquare POS?

If all of the above has been done, then it's probably because your DNS provider is blocking the resolution of local IP addresses.

Follow this help doc from Stripe on how to change your DNS provider (we use here at Airsquare):

There's also a very good guide by Google on how to use their DNS.

Once your DNS provider has been changed, try reconnecting again.

How do I charge a card using Stripe Terminal and Airsquare POS?

Once you've connected Stripe Terminal to Airsquare POS you can then put through a card payment:

  1. In Airsquare POS, add things to the cart.

  2. Click Checkout (bottom right).

  3. Click CARD (there'll be a green dot if the Stripe Terminal reader is connected).

  4. Optionally change the amount to charge (you may want to do a split payment).

  5. Click CHARGE CARD.

  6. The customer will then be prompted to present their card and pay.

  7. If payment is successful the modal will close and you'll see 'Card' and an amount captured in the payment summary.

  8. You can then click "PLACE ORDER" to put through the sale.

I've charged the customer the wrong amount, can I refund the card?

If you've not clicked PLACE ORDER yet, you can click the bin icon to refund the card payment.

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