Cash rounding

Learn how to setup and use cash rounding on the POS

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Our POS fully supports cash rounding (also commonly known as Swedish rounding).

If the customer decides to pay by cash during a POS transaction, and you have cash rounding setup, then it'll automatically handle the rounding for you and let you know what the customer needs to pay and change to be given.

How do I setup cash rounding?

  1. Go to Commerce > Currencies.

  2. Click Edit next to the currency you want to setup cash rounding for.

  3. Under Cash rounding mode, choose how you want cash rounding to be applied. Note, your country may have rules around how this should work.

That's it! Your POS will now apply cash rounding when paying with cash.

How is the cash rounding adjustment recorded?

When cash rounding is applied, we record the adjustment made (either negative or positive) against the order. You'll see a cash rounding line item above the total. That ensures everything adds up!

No tax is applied to the cash rounding adjustment.

How is the cash rounding adjustment recorded in Xero?

When a Xero invoice is created, and there's a cash rounding adjustment, we automatically add a line item to the invoice so it all adds up correctly. No tax is applied to the adjustment and it's recorded against the ROUNDING account code.

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