How do I print a receipt?

Typically printing a receipt is part of selling something on our POS.

When you get to the order confirmation page on the POS, there's a button to print a receipt.

You can though print a receipt via the admin area for orders already processed:

  1. Go to Commerce > Orders.

  2. Find the order and click View.

  3. Under More, click Print receipt. This will launch the print window to print the receipt. 

How do I change the contact details on the receipt?

  1. Go to Account > Settings > Contact details.

  2. Change the necessary details.

  3. Click Update

How do I put my logo on the top of the receipt?

  1. Go to Commerce > Settings.

  2. Select your Print logo.

  3. Click Update.

How do I add a custom message my receipts?

  1. Go to Commerce > Settings.

  2. Enter a Receipt message.

  3. Click Update.

It will be displayed just above your contact details at the end of the receipt.

How do I add my tax number to my receipts?

  1. Go to Commerce > Settings.

  2. Enter your Tax number.

  3. You may also want to choose your Local tax name (e.g. VAT, GST, etc)

  4. Click Update.

What is the QR code on the receipt for?

You can use the Airsquare mobile app (Android, iOS) to scan the QR code to find it quickly and action things for the order.

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