An order is created when something is sold.

It contains all the information about the customer, what was ordered, where to ship it and how they paid.

What happens when someone places an order?

  • An order confirmation is sent to the customer's email address, with a full summary of their order.

  • An order received email is sent to the nominated Order notification email address (Commerce > Settings), with a full summary of the order.

  • Stock is deducted against any purchased products (if applicable).

  • Tickets are created for any events purchased and attached to the order confirmation email (if applicable).

  • Memberships are created (if applicable)

  • If Xero is connected, we automatically create an invoice and attach to the order confirmation email.

  • An appropriate order and payment status is set (see below).

How do I find/view an order?

There's three ways to find/view an order:

  • Using the global search.

  • Using the order search.

  • Finding via a person / organisation.

To find/view an order using the global search:

  1. Click on the big search icon (top right).

  2. A search box will appear where you can search for the order.

  3. Click on the order to view it.

To find an order using the order search:

  1. Go to Commerce > Orders.

  2. Use the search to find your order, you can filter by keyword, status, payment status, channel, register, archived or date range. If you want to see all orders, just hit Search with nothing selected.

  3. Click View.

To find an order via a person / organisation:

  1. Find the person / organisation under Contacts.

  2. When viewing the person / organisation, you'll see a list of the orders, just click on an order to view it.

What do the different order statuses mean?

Incomplete - Order has been created, but not processed.

Awaiting fulfillment - Order is awaiting fulfillment.

Awaiting stock - Order is awaiting stock.

Fulfilled - Order has been fulfilled (e.g. shipped).

Returned - Order has been returned by the customer.

Cancelled - Order has been cancelled.

Abandoned - Order has been abandoned. This occurs when an incomplete order has not been resumed.

What do the different payment statuses mean?

Awaiting payment - Order has been processed, but is awaiting payment. This occurs when a customer chooses an 'offline' payment method (i.e bank transfer, on account) or goes to PayPal but never completes their payment.

Payment held - Order has received payment, but the payment gateway has held the funds and is awaiting for your approval to process the payment.

Partially paid - Order has been partially paid.

Paid - Order is paid in full.

Refunded - Order has been refunded.

Declined - Payment for this order has been declined. This occurs when the payment gateway declines the customer's credit card.

Voided - Order has been voided. This occurs when an incomplete order has not been resumed and was abandoned.

What do the different channels mean?

Website - Order was created on your website, by a customer buying something.

Point of Sale - Order was created using our POS (Web, Android or iOS).

Recurring - Order was created by Airsquare from recurring item (e.g. recurring product order, person/organisation membership renewal)

Admin area - Order was created by one of your users, using the admin area (e.g. setting up a person/organisation membership).

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