How to choose the design template for your Airsquare website.

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Tips for choosing a design

  • When choosing a design, use the design filter options to help you narrow down the choices. Some of the designs are not Ecommerce enabled or don't have a portfolio option, so be sure to choose a design that has the capabilities that you need. 

  • Look at the overall style of the designs; Fonts, colours and page layouts can all be changed.

How can I change the design (theme) of my website?

  1. Go to Website > Settings > Design.

  2. Use the Filter to filter the designs by website style, the shape of your logo or the function of the website.

  3. You can view a demo website for each of the designs by clicking the View demo buttons.

  4. Click Choose design to select the theme you'd like. 

  5. Then click the grey eye icon in the top-right corner to preview the design. You can return to the editor by clicking on the same spot.

  6. You can change the design of your website as often as you like, but just bear in mind that each design uses different colours and fonts and you'll have to re-do any colours that you've matched to your branding.

I like one of the eCommerce themes, but I don't want to sell online - can I still use this theme?

Absolutely! You can delete the products & cart pages if you won't need them. 

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