What are ticket types?

In Airsquare, 'ticket types' refers to the various types of tickets that you can offer, for the same event. For example:

  • You could offer people 'Early Bird' tickets, which are available up until a certain date at a cheaper price;

  • You could offer 'VIP' tickets, which have certain perks and are more expensive;

  • You could offer 'seated' or 'standing' tickets;

  • You could offer a 'standard' ticket, rather than having a variety of ticket options.

Ticket types allows you to specify how many tickets are available for each event, if limits are applicable.

How do I create ticket types?

  1. Go to Website > Events.

  2. Find the event that you want to create tickets types for and click on the event to edit.

  3. The second heading down says Ticket types (Please note: If the event has multiple sessions, you will add Ticket types to each session, not the overall event).

  4. Click on +Add on the right.

  5. Give the Ticket type a name e.g. Standard, VIP etc.

  6. You have the option of adding a description of what the ticket type means; you can also specify the maximum number of this ticket available.

  7. Add a price to the Ticket type (if the event is free, add the price as 0).

  8. Select published or unpublished.

  9. You have the option to select the booking start & end dates for the ticket type - Useful in the case of 'Early Bird' tickets.

  10. Select Add.

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