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Order invoices
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If you have connected Xero, you can get Airsquare to create Xero invoices for you.

How do I create an invoice for an order?

Once connected, we automatically create a Xero invoice and attach it to the Order confirmation and receipt emails that are sent to the customer. We do the same for the Order received email sent to you.

How do I create invoices in Xero for orders already received?

Once you've connected Xero to Airsquare, you can go back and create invoices for orders you've already received. You may also need to do this if Xero has disconnected for some reason:

In the admin area

  1. Go to Commerce > Orders.

  2. Click on the order you'd like to create an invoice for.

  3. Under More, click Add Xero invoice.

An invoice will then be created, and you'll see an invoice number appear.

How do I download and print an invoice?

If you have connected Xero, and an invoice has been created (see above), you can download and print it.

In the admin area

  1. Go to Commerce > Orders.

  2. Find the order and click View.

  3. Click Download > Xero invoice.

  4. The invoice will then be downloaded to your computer as a PDF where you can then open and print it.

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