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What countries does PayPal support?

PayPal is a true international payment solution. Check out their supported countries.

How much are the PayPal fees?

If your country isn't listed above, just Google 'paypal fees' for your country.

How do I register for PayPal?

What Paypal settings should I choose when registering?

Please choose a Business account and Payments Standard as your payment solution. If you don't have a registered business, you can use a Premier account instead.

Do I need to get verified?

Absolutely. Please ensure you complete all the verification steps you can. This lifts all the limits on your PayPal account, including the acceptance of multiple currencies.

I already have a personal PayPal account, can I change it to a business account?

Yes, here's the instructions on how to upgrade your personal PayPal account to a business account.

How do I setup my PayPal account to work with Airsquare?

In Airsquare:

  1. Go to Commerce > Payment methods.

  2. Under Payment methods, make sure PayPal is selected.

  3. Enter your PayPal email address.

  4. Click Update.

In PayPal:

  1. Click on "Profile" -> "Profile and Settings".

  2. Go to "My Selling Tools".

  3. Towards at the end of the page go to "PayPal button language encoding" and click on it.

  4. Under "Language Encoding", click on button "More Options".

  5. On this setting, Please make sure that it is set up to "UTF-8" and click Save.

That's it, you can now accept online payments through PayPal with Airsquare.

How do I get money out of PayPal?

How do I format my bank number / account number in PayPal (NZ)?

If your bank account number was:

Then you need to add the following into "Bank Number":

And the following into "Account Number":

Do customers need a PayPal account to pay with a credit card?

No, once they arrive at PayPal, there's an option to pay with a credit card only and bypass creating a PayPal account.

Why don't my customers see the 'pay with credit card' option on PayPal?

If you don't see this option, please consider the following:

  • Your PayPal account must be either Premier or Business. Personal Accounts do not have this option. 

  • The PayPal account optional setting is turned on - this enables non-PayPal members to pay by credit card. 

  • The PayPal email address you're using must be verified. Please complete all the verification steps PayPal requests.

  • In PayPal, your Bank Account is linked and verified - so you can withdraw or transfer funds. 

  • In PayPal, your Credit Card linked and verified. 

 To enable the PayPal account optional feature: 

  •  Go to your Account Profile. 

  •  Select: My Selling Tools 

  •  Under: Selling Online 

  •  Locate: Website Preferences 

  •  Click on: Update 

  •  Locate: PayPal Account Optional 

  •  Click: On 

  •  Click: Save 

When the "account optional" feature is turned on, customers don't need a PayPal account. They use an alternate checkout and have the option to sign up for a PayPal account afterward. Customers with PayPal accounts still log in to their PayPal accounts to check out. 

Next, there are specific reasons the credit card option may not be available to your customers. 

  •  You are using the wrong email address or an unverified email address. 

  •  The country you reside in. Not all countries have all the PayPal features available. 

  •  The country your customers reside in. Not all countries have all PayPal features available. 

Why does the shipping address appear as the billing address in PayPal?

Unfortunately this is a PayPal 'quirk'. PayPal only allows us to send them one address. Therefore we only send the shipping address.

Why does a discount sometimes get ignored when a customer pays with PayPal?

PayPal has a quirk where it will not except an item total of $0, even if there is a shipping fee. So if the discount results in a $0 sub total, the discount is ignored and the full sub total is charged.

How do I reconcile PayPal payments in Xero?

"Paypal doesn't seem to be working right now, please try again later"

This error is caused by having Encrypted Website Payments set to ON. You need to switch it OFF:

  1. From your PayPal account, hover over the cog in the upper right corner of the screen and click Account Settings

  2. On the next screen, click Website Payments on the lower left

  3. On the right side of the screen, click Update next to "Website preferences"

  4. Make sure the option under "Encrypted website payments" is set to OFF

Why does PayPal disappear as a payment option when a gift voucher is used for payment?

PayPal require all the individual items to be passed to them in order to calculate the amount to charge. We can tell them a 'total price' to charge. This means we can't tell them to only charge a certain amount for a part-payment in conjunction with the gift voucher being used. We highly recommend you switch to using Stripe instead.

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