What is Wufoo?

We don't offer custom forms in Airsquare, instead we support Wufoo

Wufoo is an awesome online form builder. You can create a custom form and place it on your website.

Don't forget to review their pricing.

How do I add a Wufoo form to my website?

Before you can create a Wufoo form widget, you must first create a form in Wufoo.

To create a Wufoo form widget:

  1. Go to Website > Widgets.
  2. Click the Add button in the top right.
  3. Enter the Title for the widget. 
  4. Under Type, select Wufoo form.
  5. Click Next.
  6. Click on Select Wufoo form, this will open up Wufoo in a modal window. You can then either log in or create a new form with Wufoo. Once logged in, you'll then see a list of Wufoo forms you've created. Just click Insert next to the form you want to use.
  7. Click Add.
  8. You can now add this widget to your website.
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