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Sub-navigation widget

Add sub-navigation to your online store

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How do I add sub-navigation to my website?

You can only add sub-navigation to a parent page, which has pages nested beneath it. For example, if you wanted to put 'Services' in your main menu and have sub-navigation for different services, you would create a page called 'Services' and then add pages to it listing different services.

We have already created a sub-navigation widget for you to use on your website. To add the sub navigation widget to your website:

  1. Go to Website > Pages.

  2. Create a page and add the pages beneath it that you want to feature in the sub-navigation.

  3. Ensure that each page layout will allow the sub navigation to be displayed correctly, i.e. For each page, choose the layout that has two containers, with a narrow left hand column.

  4. For each page, click on the left hand container and add this widget to your website.

  5. Repeat this process for each page in the sub-navigation.

When you view your website, you will see the sub-navigation in place.

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