What is a product category panel?

A product category panel is a way to display products (with image, title & summary) that are all part of the same category. This is a great way to get people shopping on your website homepage and makes it easier for them to browse and find what they are looking for straightaway.

How do I add a product category panel to my website?

It goes without saying that to use a product category panel widget, you must have added some products first; you must also have set up categories in your store.

To create a product category panel widget:

  1. Go to Website > Widgets.

  2. Click on Add in the top right.

  3. Click on Product category panel.

  4. Enter a Title.

  5. Select the Parent category that you want to show.

  6. Select the Page you want to open products in.

  7. Select a Listing image size.

  8. Click Add.

  9. You can then insert this widget into your content.

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