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Secure your user login with two step verification

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2-step verification, also known as 2-step authentication, is a way of increasing the security on your account login. 

When enabled, you'll need to pass through two verification steps when logging in. 

The first step uses your normal username / password (something you know), the second step requires a verification code generated by a mobile application (something you have).

This means that if your username / password is compromised, your account is still protected by the second verification step. 

How do I enable 2-step verification?

In order to use 2-step verification, you'll need a smartphone which supports the Google Authenticator app.

To enable 2-step verification go to Profile (click on your name top right) > 2-step verification and follow the steps.

When you setup 2-step verification you'll be provided with a Backup code. You should keep this safe!

What happens if I lose my phone?

If you have other users under your account, you can ask them to disable 2-step verification for you. They would need to:

  1. Go to Account > Users.

  2. Find you in the list and under More, click Disable 2-step verification.

  3. Once disabled you'll be able to login with just your username/password. We recommend you then of course re-activate 2-step verification (see above).

Alternatively, contact Airsquare Helpdesk and quote them the Backup code. They can then identify you as the true owner of the account and give you access. 

Do I have to enter a verification code every time I log in?

If you are using a shared computer, we recommend you always enter the verification code.

If you are using a trusted computer which only you have access to, you can choose to Trust this computer when entering the verification code. Airsquare then bypasses the 2-step verification for this computer. Any other computer trying to access your account will still have to complete the second step. You can 'trust' as many computers/devices as you like.

How do I clear trusted computers?

You can clear all the computers you've 'trusted' by going to Profile (click on your name top right) > 2-step verification and disabling/enabling 2-step verification. This resets everything.

Another approach is to clear the browser cookies on the computer if you still have access to it.

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