What is a testimonial?

A testimonial is quoted feedback from a customer, singing your praises. Testimonials can add credibility to your website. We have created a testimonial module to help you to display testimonials throughout your website, in a uniform way.

How do I add a testimonial into the Airsquare system?

  1. Go to Website > Testimonials.
  2. Click Add testimonial.
  3. Fill in the details of the testimonial. You must supply either a Customer name or Customer company.
  4. Click Add testimonial.
  5. These testimonials will only display when you create a specific page for them - See below.

How do I create a page which displays these testimonials?

  1. Go to Website > Pages > Click Add in the top right. 
  2. Enter the title etc. for the page as required.
  3. Under What this page does, choose Displays testimonials.
  4. Click Update to save.

How do I create a testimonial panel to show some of these testimonials on another page?

  1. Go to Website > Widgets.
  2. Click Add widget.
  3. Enter the Title for the widget. 
  4. Under Type, choose Testimonial panel.
  5. Click Next.
  6. Select the Testimonials that you want to use.
  7. Click Add widget.
  8. You can then add this widget to your website: In the editor, put the cursor on the page where you want to add the widget - Widgets must be in a new paragraph by themselves.
  9. Click on the widget icon in the editor, which looks like a magic wand.
  10. This will then prompt you to select the widget from a dropdown menu.
  11. The widget will then appear in the content editor (as the wand icon). When you preview the content you will see the content of the widget, as it will appear on the web i.e. the testimonial panel.

How do I edit a testimonial?

To edit a testimonial in any way, go to Website > Testimonials, click on the testimonial(s) that you wish to edit. This way, you can reorder (using the 'weighting') publish/un-publish and delete testimonials.

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