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Creating an FAQs page
Creating an FAQs page

Use our FAQs module to create a neat and uniform FAQs page on your Airsquare website.

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How do I add an FAQ into the Airsquare system?

  1. Go to Website > FAQs.

  2. Click Add FAQ.

  3. Enter a question and an answer. 

  4. If you don't want the FAQ to show straight away, just change the Status to Unpublished.

  5. Click Add FAQ.

  6. These FAQs will only display when you create a specific page for them. Go to Website > Pages > Click Add in the top right. Enter the title etc. for the page as required.

  7. Under What this page does, choose Displays FAQs.

How do I edit an FAQ?

To edit an FAQ in any way, go to Website > FAQs, click on the FAQ(s) that you wish to edit. This way, you can reorder (using the 'weighting') publish/un-publish and delete FAQs as required.

Can I organise my FAQs to make them easier to access?

Yes, you can set up categories.  A category is like a folder or section. When a user clicks on a category, any FAQs associated with the category are displayed. An FAQ can be in more than one category. Categories are also hierarchical, meaning that you can have sub categories. To set up a category:

  1. Go to Website > FAQs > Categories.

  2. Next to the category you want to add into, click Add.

  3. Enter a Title.

  4. Click Add category.

To add FAQs to a category:

  1. Go to Website > FAQs.

  2. Next to the FAQ, click Edit.

  3. Tick the Categories you want to put the FAQ into.

  4. Click Update at the bottom of the page.

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