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Organisation memberships
Organisation memberships

Track memberships for organisations, automate renewals and take payment via our ordering system.

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We've completed the first stage of organisation memberships, which means you can create a membership in the admin area, on behalf of the organisation. During this process you can take payment and raise an invoice (if Xero is connected).

Once a membership has been created, you can use Airsquare to track and automate renewal. 

You can have as many different membership types as you like.

Can I change the word Membership?

Yes, you can choose Memberships or Subscriptions:

  1. Go to Contacts > Organisations > Settings.

  2. Under the heading, Membership naming mode, select either Memberships or Subscriptions from the drop-down menu.

  3. Click Update to save.

How do I create memberships myself?

  1. The organisations that you want to create memberships for must already exist in Contacts > Organisations. Just add each organisation first.

  2. Then, set up your membership types; do this under Contacts > Organisations > Membership types. You'll only need to do this once at the beginning.

  3. Once you have completed these steps, you can then start adding memberships under Contacts > Organisations > Memberships.

How do organisations join online themselves?

Coming soon!

What plan do I need to be on if I want to use memberships?

You can be on any plan to track memberships. But if you want to create orders (either when a membership is created, or during the renewal process) you will need to be on one of our commerce plans (Small, Medium or Large). 

How do I set up a free membership?

There's two options:

  1. Just set the price to 0 for the membership type.

  2. Or, if you want to give an organisation a free membership for a non-zero priced membership type, you can manually create the membership yourself in the admin area. Just don't tick "Create an order now for this membership" when adding the membership and they'll never be charged. Be aware though, that if it's set to auto renew, they'll be charged once the expiry date is reached. Of course, you can create a lifetime membership, see below.

How do I set up a lifetime membership?

There's two options:

  1. Set a very long Duration for the membership type.

  2. Or, if you're creating the membership manually, keep the Expiry date empty.

When creating a membership manually, where do I add the organisation credit card?

Credit card processing is done via Stripe. You would first need to have a Stripe account setup and connected to Airsquare. 

Once connected, you can associate a Stripe customer record to the organisation record in Airsquare. Find the organisation under Contacts > Organisations, click View, then look for the External records section - You'll see an option to associate a Stripe customer to the organisation.

If the customer isn't there, you can either add them into Stripe first (along with their card details) or the customer will be sent an order confirmation which is Awaiting payment with an option to Pay online.

How does auto-renewing memberships work?

Any memberships which are set to auto renew will be automatically renewed. Each renewal will:

  • Create an order

  • Send the Billing person an Order confirmation email.

  • Send you an Order received email.

  • Charge the organisation's credit card if available and not expired (see below).

  • Renew the membership by setting the Expiry date into the future, based off the membership type Duration.

  • If Xero is connected, an invoice will automatically be created and attached to the order. 

What happens if an organisation's credit card fails during the renewal process?

A credit card can fail for a variety of reasons. Typically this is because the card has expired, has insufficient funds or requires further verification (e.g. Strong Customer Authentication).

An order is always created and the membership renewed, regardless if the credit card is successfully charged or not. 

If it does fail, you will be notified by email and the order will be marked as Awaiting payment. The customer will receive an order confirmation which is Awaiting payment with a link to Pay online. They will also receive an email explaining that their credit card failed.

Once the customer has paid online successfully you'll be notified by email that a payment has been received.

Can I charge a joining fee?

Yes. Just add your Joining fee prices when setting up the membership type. We only charge the joining fee when the membership is first created (never for renewals).

Can an organisation have more than one membership?

Yes, add as many as you like!

Can I see which memberships an organisation is part of?

Absolutely. Find the organisation under Contacts > Organisations, click View, then look for the Memberships section which will list all memberships they are part of.

Can I see the order history for a membership?

Yes. Just find the membership under Contacts > Organisations > Memberships, click View, then look for the Orders section.

Can I see which memberships were part of an order?

Yes. Just find the order under Commerce > Orders, click View, then look for the Organisation memberships section.

What tax zone is used for a membership?

We use the Billing address of the organisation to determine which tax zone to use when creating an order for a membership.

What pricing tier is used for a membership?

We use the Pricing tier of the organisation.

Can I sell memberships through the POS?

No. If we see demand for this, we'll add it.

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