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Is my website optimised for the search engines? (e.g. Google)

Yes! We adhere to all the best practices and recommendations put forward by Google.

We automatically create a sitemap.xml and make it available for any search engine to see. This tells the search engines about all the publicly accessible pages on your site and they can index these pages.

You can expedite Google finding your sitemap by connecting Google Search Console.

We also include microdata on your pages for things like products, events, blog articles, organisations, etc. This provides data to Google in a structured format, so it's easier for Google to index and know what each piece of information means. 

You can also edit page titles and descriptions yourself, to optimise your website for Google. Once a page has been created, click on the page, click edit in the top right and edit the title and description of the page - You'll see a preview of how the page might appear in a Google search on the right.

Why isn't my site showing up in Google?

Google won't find your site automatically.

To tell Google that your website exists, you need to submit your sitemap to Google.

How do I submit my sitemap to Google?

We've made the process of submitting and verifying your site to Google painless. All you need to do is connect Google Search Console.

How long does it take for Google to show my site?

There's no way to determine how long it'll take, but it usually shows within 1-2 weeks.

How can I see which pages Google has indexed?

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