A person membership type panel neatly lists the available person membership types.

Each membership type displayed shows:

  • Title

  • Description

  • Image

  • Price

  • Joining fee

  • Duration

  • Add to cart button. 

A prospective member can add the membership type to the cart and join online through the checkout process. 

Read more about person memberships.

How do I create a person membership type panel?

  1. Go to Website > Widgets.

  2. Click ˆAdd.

  3. Enter the Title for the widget.

  4. Under Type, choose Person membership type panel.

  5. Click Next.

  6. Choose the Orientation and Listing image size.

  7. Click Add.

  8. You can then add this widget into your content.

Why isn't the membership type showing up?

Ensure the membership type is published under Contacts > People > Membership types.

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