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Allow people to pay by bank transfer (internet banking)

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How do I setup bank transfer (internet banking) as a payment option?

  1. Go to Commerce > Payment methods.

  2. Under Payment methods make sure the Bank transfer option is selected.

  3. Fill out Bank account details, see how to format your bank account details below.

  4. Chose your Bank transfer country (where your bank account is)

  5. Choose your Bank transfer currency (the currency your bank account is in).

  6. Click Update.

How does the bank transfer option work?

If you've enabled bank transfer, it'll appear as a payment method to the customer during checkout. If they choose to pay with this method, the order is immediately added when they click Place order. The order has a status of Awaiting payment. They are then shown an order confirmation screen which asks them to make a payment to the bank account details you've specified using the order number as a reference. We state you won't process the order until you've received payment.

Once you've received payment, you should record a payment against the order.

What if I'm selling internationally?

Please check that the Bank transfer country and the Bank transfer currency are set to the same as your bank account. That way, international customers won't see bank transfer as an option.

How should I format our bank account details?

The information required to make a bank account transfer varies from country to country. Here's a list with our recommendation for each country, if your country is not listed, please contact us and we can put forward a recommendation.

[BSB] [Account number]
e.g. 123456 12345678
[Transit number] [Account number]
e.g. 11111-222 12345678
​New Zealand
[Account number]
e.g. 12-1234-1234567-12

United Kingdom
[Sort code] [Account number]
e.g. 12-34-56 12345678

United States
[Routing number] [Account number]
e.g. 111000000 12345678

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