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Remove duplicate person records by merging them together

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Sometimes you may see duplicate records for the same person in Airsquare. 

This typically happens if they've spelt their name differently (e.g. Dave vs David) or they've used different email addresses.

If you want to remove the duplicate records, but preserve their associated records/history, you can merge them together.

Here's what happens when you merge one person into another:

  • Any comments, orders, recurring orders, memberships, tickets are transferred to the person you're merging into.

  • All other information is discarded, in favour of the person you're merging into. This means you should first ensure the person you're keeping has all the correct contact details and custom field information stored.

How do I merge one person into another?

  1. Go to Contacts > People.

  2. Find the person you want to merge into (the one you're keeping) and make a note of their unique number.

  3. Find the person you want to merge (the one you're discarding), under More, click Merge

  4. Choose the person you want to Merge into. Using the number you've made a note of in step 2 will make this easier.

  5. Click Merge.

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