Credit card surcharging

Add a surcharge to your orders if the customer chooses to pay by credit card

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You can optionally charge a surcharge for any orders where the customer chooses to pay by credit card.

We recommend you only use this option if your margins are very small. People don't like added surcharges and you'll definitely see increased cart abandonment. Instead, incorporate these fees into your pricing and see it as a way of taking payment online.

How do I enable credit card surcharging?

If you have 'credit card' enabled under Commerce > Payment methods, you'll see an extra field called Credit card surcharge rate. Enter the percentage you wish to charge on top of the total order if they chose to pay by credit card.

What tax type is used for credit card surcharges?

Credit card surcharges can be subject to tax in some countries. To change the tax type we use, go to Commerce > Payment methods and change the Credit card surcharge tax type.

How do I change the Xero account code used for credit card surcharges?

You can nominate which Xero account code we use for credit card surcharges. Go to Account > Connected Apps, next to Xero, click Settings, then change Credit card surcharge account code.

Are credit card surcharges refunded if I refund an order?

No. Stripe don't ever refund their fees, so we don't provide this as part of our refund process either.

Can I charge credit card surcharge fees through the POS?

Yes, but it's a manual task. Create a $0 "credit card surcharge" product, if the customer choose to pay by credit card you would add this product to the cart, then change the price manually to add on a surcharge before taking payment. If there's enough demand for this feature (i.e. calculating CC surcharge fees automatically) we'll add it in.

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